Last Weekend in London 3/25-3/27

All right, so my study abroad experience is beginning to come to a close. This last weekend was my last weekend I will have spent in London. As sad as that sounds, it was a blowout of a weekend. It was amazing! I had great times from Thursday all the way through to Sunday. On [...]

Spring Broke (Part DOS)

Part DOS people because I spent the second half of my spring broke in Barcelona. Where the native tongue isn't even Spanish, it's actually Catalan, go figure! Anyway Barcelona was an absolute blast! To start I obviously pregamed my trip by watching the Cheetah Girls 2. This sounds so cheesy, but it was so cool actually visiting a place that [...]

This $h!t is Bananas – Happy Year of the Monkey!

This past week was definitely bananas. Mainly because it was the lead up to the awesome Chinese New Year Festival . Just a word to be said about Chinese New Year in London, it just happens to be the largest celebration in the world outside of China. Now that is impressive! I started my week off with a trip to Abbey Road, [...]

CLASSy in London

Okay, one thing I need to address before I jump into my long-winded, kinda boring post about my classes is that Primark is the absolute best thing I have ever come across while being a baller on a budget. It's wonderful! It's like an H&M + Forever 21 on steroids minus the cheapness of Forever [...]