Spring Broke (Part DOS)

Part DOS people because I spent the second half of my spring broke in Barcelona. Where the native tongue isn’t even Spanish, it’s actually Catalan, go figure!

View from the Park De Guell

Anyway Barcelona was an absolute blast! To start I obviously pregamed my trip by watching the Cheetah Girls 2. This sounds so cheesy, but it was so cool actually visiting a place that I had seen in my childhood that I always thought would be so cool to go to. I was truly a Cheetah Girl and honestly that was enough to make me love Barcelona. Barcelona was amazing for many reasons. Barcelona was amazing because of the weather, the sunshine, the beach, the fact that I could get sangria pitchers for 10 eruos and many other reasons. I meant it when I said that I would bleed sangria by the end of that trip. It was undeniably inevitable. I loved the place and better yet I got to experience it with some of my absolute best friends! It was so much fun meeting up with my favorite people. We had the best time ever.

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