Now Everything Begins

This is the first time in 17 years that the month of August is not filled with anticipation for a new academic year. It’s the first time I am not purchasing new pencils, new folders or new binders. It’s the first time I did not anxiously wait to receive my class schedule. It’s the first time I did not need to plan a first-day-of-class outfit. … Continue reading Now Everything Begins

Will All the White Folks Please Stand Up?

When I received the email that I was chosen to intern for the Democratic National Convention I couldn’t contain my excitement. I felt that I was going to be part of something amazing. I would be part of pushing our country toward something so unbelievably progressive – our first female president. I also knew that I would play a part in stamping out one of the … Continue reading Will All the White Folks Please Stand Up?

The 13TH Amendment

I want to start by saying that 13TH by Ava Duvernay is an amazing documentary, but I mean, when it comes to Duvernay, the woman behind Selma, we don’t really expect anything less. The documentary starts out by explaining the 13th Amendment, which was the amendment that formally abolished slavery, but there was a loophole. The loophole said that if someone committed a crime, they could lose … Continue reading The 13TH Amendment


Yesterday we found out that #AltonSterling was murdered by white police. So, today when I woke up late, I decided not to rush to work. Because I knew that if I rushed, I would speed, and speeding could lead to potentially getting pulled over by the cops, and then I could possibly die. So, I said, fuck that, and took my time. Does it make you … Continue reading #TroiWilliams