I’d Leave If I Knew Where To Go.

A lot of times I hear people say, “Go back to where you came from.” Believe us, we would if we could. Does no one understand that? I would go somewhere, anywhere, I would leave this place, but my people and I literally have nowhere to go and we are unable to fathom where we could go, thanks to the trans-atlantic slave trade. Do you think that we … Continue reading I’d Leave If I Knew Where To Go.


Yesterday we found out that #AltonSterling was murdered by white police. So, today when I woke up late, I decided not to rush to work. Because I knew that if I rushed, I would speed, and speeding could lead to potentially getting pulled over by the cops, and then I could possibly die. So, I said, fuck that, and took my time. Does it make you … Continue reading #TroiWilliams

Be Fearless, Don’t Just Fear less

Everybody knows that I romped around Europe for four months without a care in the world. I never let anything stop me. I didn’t let fear consume me, I didn’t let anxiety cripple me, I just did what I felt was right and I was happy I did so. But a conversation with my co-worker about their fear of traveling to Greece got me thinking. It made me think about … Continue reading Be Fearless, Don’t Just Fear less

Love Wins. Love Will Always Win.

So, for those who don’t know I’m an ordained minister. Whenever I tell people that they normally laugh in my face and think it’s the most outlandish thing I’ve ever said (and believe me, I’ve said some outlandish things). I know I don’t look like the typical minister, but that’s because I’m not. I’m young, I’m edgy and I’m untraditional. It all started back when I was … Continue reading Love Wins. Love Will Always Win.