Before I dive into how my weekend was I need to address my feelings about a serious situation. Normally I don’t feel things too heavily especially when it comes to far away things. I can feel empathy and understand someone’s tough situation, but rarely does it affect me in a direct manner. I don’t internalize other people’s feelings, for better or for worse, but … Continue reading #TeachTheWorld

Spring Broke (Part DOS)

Part DOS people because I spent the second half of my spring broke in Barcelona. Where the native tongue isn’t even Spanish, it’s actually Catalan, go figure! Anyway Barcelona was an absolute blast! To start I obviously pregamed my trip by watching the Cheetah Girls 2. This sounds so cheesy, but it was so cool actually visiting a place that I had seen in my childhood that I always thought … Continue reading Spring Broke (Part DOS)

amsterDAM, what a great weekend! 

Hi everybody! This past weekend, I was in Amsterdam and Bruges, Belgium, if you couldn’t already tell from my constant social media update. Anyway, it was amazing. I loved Amsterdam. I loved Amsterdam way more than I expected to actually. I expected it to be stoner central, and overall just pretty casual. I was so wrong, Amsterdam was probably one of my favorite places in … Continue reading amsterDAM, what a great weekend! 

This $h!t is Bananas – Happy Year of the Monkey!

This past week was definitely bananas. Mainly because it was the lead up to the awesome Chinese New Year Festival . Just a word to be said about Chinese New Year in London, it just happens to be the largest celebration in the world outside of China. Now that is impressive! I started my week off with a trip to Abbey Road, Primrose Hill and the Camden Markets. Abbey Road is known for … Continue reading This $h!t is Bananas – Happy Year of the Monkey!