Jai Thep: Chiang Mai’s Music and Arts Festival in the Mountains Returns for Another Year

Jai Thep music and arts festival in Chiang Mai returns for another year from 31 January to 2 February 2020 at its traditional venue, Lanna Rock Garden. Lanna Rock Garden is a botanical garden about 45 minutes from Chiang Mai’s city center. Nestled comfortably within the surrounding mountains and directly next to a flowing stream, the peaceful space is a perfect spot for the festival because of its serenity.

Jai Thep got its start in 2016 as a single-day event that was dreamt up by a group of Thai and foreign friends who wanted an event that encapsulated their love for art, music, and nature. By 2018 the event had grown into a three-day festival so that the creators could further share their love for art and wellness

Jai Thep is special because it’s so much more than just a music festival. There are workshops you can partake in that involve arts, crafts, mindfulness activities, yoga, and even meditation. The event also has a large kid zone area, which gives the festival a vibe that makes it family-friendly and a safe space for all people of all ages.

PRICE: Tickets prices vary depending on if you’re attending the festival for one day or three days. There are discounted tickets for students provided you show a valid student ID and there are camping packages for people who plan to camp out for the event.

Jai Thep tickets – Click Here to Purchase

GETTING THERE: Songtaew’s (red trucks) from the Three Kings Monument will start in the morning and you can get one back to that location until 1 a.m.

Grab – Grab prices will vary, but this is a good idea if you just want a direct route there and back.

Private car – is an option, but that can be expensive and potentially dangerous if you’re unfamiliar with the roads or indulging in r-rated activities.

MUSIC: There are four stages to party and dance yourself into a state of consciousness and happiness. There’s the Home Stage that features spoken word, poetry, comedy and acoustic acts. The River stage (my personal favorite) is where the house music DJs turn it up. The Main stage will feature different bands and musical acts, and the Eclectic stage plays electronic music.

The Jai Thep team is hopeful that people will come to Lanna Rock Garden and listen to great music, eat great food, and feel the good vibes that nature, music, and art can help us all to experience. 

*Photos courtesy of the Jai Thep Media Team