12 Travel-Related Movies to Watch During Quarantine

A list of 12 travel-related movies to watch while quarantining during the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a little something for everyone on this list.

Back to the Future (PG) – Okay, so they didn’t really travel to any new geographical locations, but they did travel through time, and that counts for something. Join Marty and Doc as they travel through time to make sure Marty and his siblings don’t disappear. (Available on Amazon Prime)

Cheetah Girls 2 (G) – Your favorite 2000s girl group travels to Spain for the once in a lifetime opportunity to hit it big at a Spanish music festival. Watching the girls explore the cobblestone streets of Barcelona as they strut and sing their hearts out will leave you feeling magical. (Available on Disney+)

Coming to America (R) – Travel from the African country of Zamunda with Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, to break the tradition of arranged marriages. To find his one true love, he travels to America and throws himself into a world full of Jheri curls and bootleg McDonald’s. (Available on Netflix)

Crazy Rich Asians (PG-13) – A college student flies from NYC to Singapore to meet her perfect boyfriend’s uber-wealthy, uber-judgemental, and uber-bougie family. At least she gets to indulge in some of the most excellent hawker stalls in all of Southeast Asia, right? (Available on Hulu)

Dear John (PG-13) – The main characters John and Savannah meet while Savannah is on a spring break trip for Habitat for Humanity – hello, travel-related! John, on leave from the army, later re-enlists because of the September 11th attacks, thus leading the pair to keep their love alive through love letters sent around the world. (Available on Amazon Prime)

Flight (R) – As travel bugs, who do we love more than the brave pilots who get us to our destinations safely? Denzel Washington stars a heroic pilot who lands a crashing plane. As the truth unfolds about the event, his heroism is overcast by his reckless behavior and secret substance abuse issues. (Available on Amazon Prime)

The Hangover Part II (R) – Take a journey with the crew for another wild bachelor party, only this time, you’ll find yourself in one of my personal favorite cities, Bangkok. Enjoy the everlasting memories, or lack thereof, that can come from a blacked-out evening in Bangkok. (Available on Netflix)

Into the Wild (R) – Based on the life of the American wanderer, Chris McCandless, whose desire is to reject the world around him and become a nomad. He sells all of his belongings and embarks on journey across the United States. Shoutout to domestic travel and road trips – Chris knew how to have a good time in his own country! (Available on Netflix)

Mean Girls (PG-13) – I’m sure you’re wondering how exactly Mean Girls is a travel-related movie? Well, because we wouldn’t have the infamous “If you’re from Africa, then why are you white?” if Cady’s family hadn’t moved from Africa to a Chicago suburb where she would ultimately make her transformation into cold, shiny, hard plastic. (Available on Netflix)

Soul Plane (R) – Kevin Hart stars in this film as a traveler who suffers tremendously at the hands of an airline. After all of his pain and suffering, he sues the airline and wins big (a dream we all wish could come true minus the pain and suffering). He uses the money to start his own “urban” airline that caters to Black folks and all their soulful desires. (Available on Amazon Prime)

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (PG) – Disney’s OG princess, sets out on a class trip to Rome and falls into a whirlwind romance with an Italian pop star. What could go wrong? NOTHING because this movie is fantastic and excellent for dreaming up a trip to the Gelato capital of the world. (Available on Disney+)


Up (PG) – A Pixar film about a heartbroken widow who longs to travel to South America so he can fulfill a promise he made to his wife. The beginning is a little heartwrenching, but if you can get past that to the introduction of Russell, a talkative boy scout, the journey will be well worth it. (Available on Disney+)


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