Until There Is Justice, There Will Be No Peace – For Anybody.

I’m tired of begging US police officers for justice. I’m tired of writing articles about this, I’m tired of being sad about all this, and I’m tired of having it weigh on me. I’m tired of explaining myself, and I’m tired of seeing evil people refuse to understand the psychological impact of seeing cops gun down your people.

I’m tired of explaining that rioting is the voice of the unheard. I’m tired of saying you don’t get to terrorize people and then decide how they respond to that terrorism. If I punch you in the eye, and then you stab me, I don’t get to ask, “well why would you stab me?” I’m tired of thinking about my white “friends” and wondering why they don’t say more or do more, or post more. I’m tired of making excuses for them, and other white people, and saying, “well, sometimes they don’t know what to say.” I’m tired of not being able to trust white people and trying to figure out where they stand. I’m tired of feeling jealous of white people because they have the privilege to disassociate and ignore everything that’s going on entirely.

Image by Jonai Gibson-selix/Instagram: @byjonai

I’m tired of feeling hopeless and traumatized and scared for my family in the U.S. I’m tired of seeing my people be hunted. I’m tired of white people, and some Asians, and some white-spanics, and even some Black people telling my people to silence our voices. Most of all, I’m tired of people not seeing the severity of the situation. I’m tired that people who have privilege are so fearful of losing theirs that they refuse to use theirs to help others who desperately need it. I’m tired of explaining that the violence the country is experiencing is directly due to a police officer kneeling on a Black man’s throat.

Image by Jonai Gibson-selix/Instagram: @byjonai

Black Americans built the United States by hand, and if we want to burn it down and rebuild it, WE CAN and we WILL. If you don’t want it burned down, then I would gather all your white privilege and demand that Black Americans be treated fairly by cops and all law enforcement agencies in the United States. You didn’t listen to the peaceful protests, the marches, the kneeling, the social media posts, but can you hear us now? Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of justice trying to kick in the door.

From Twitter: @milkblocks

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