CLASSy in London

Okay, one thing I need to address before I jump into my long-winded, kinda boring post about my classes is that Primark is the absolute best thing I have ever come across while being a baller on a budget. It’s wonderful! It’s like an H&M + Forever 21 on steroids minus the cheapness of Forever 21. Honestly, that place is going to get me in trouble, but as long as I emphasize the budget part in my ballin’ on a budget motto I should be a-okay.

All right, now to get into the classes. Well, I was taking 5 classes, but I decided I deserved a break, so I’ll only be taking 4 classes for 12 credits. After being in multiple clubs, being an RA and having a job last semester I personally feel like I have earned this break while off in another country. I’ve got 1 class on Mondays, 2 classes on Tuesdays and 1 class on Wednesdays. Cool enough though my classes are only once a week, and I don’t have classes on Fridays, but here’s the catch….they’re all 3 hours and 20 minutes. For anybody that has EVER complained about their 2 and a half our class at Pitt-Bradford they can eat it! Because a 3 hour and 20 minute class is practically torture. Granted, I do get a 20 minute break, so technically they’re only 3 hours, BUT STILL. I mean I could go on and on about the pain of the class times, but in all honesty a 3 hour and 20 minute class in London beats a 50 minute class in America any day! 

I’m taking 20th Century British History, which is a class I’m taking to fulfill my history gen ed, so there’s not much to report on for that. I mean, it is just a regular old gen ed. But I do have the sweetest, little old lady as my teacher. For anybody that knows me they know that being on time is practically a foreign concept to me. So when I showed up 20 minutes late to my first class on Monday because I took the wrong tube, I was grateful 1,000 times over that she just brushed it off. On Tuesday I take Ethics in the Media, which is AWESOME and the teacher is so nice. It seems like it’s going to be a very interactive class. It’s very refreshing to be in a class where students actually contribute to the class discussions. The class is all about learning about the ethics that the media SHOULD follow, but unfortunately don’t. Everyone seems to have strong opinions, which makes me excited to learn about different views than my own. On Tuesdays I also take Post-War British Pop Culture. Now that class is awesome. The teacher is very cool and on the first day said “The #blacklivesmatter movement is one of the most important movements of our time right now,” so immediately from that I was like, I’m definitely gonna like this guy! Also, in this class we go on field trips to great places all over London. We actually go on a field trip every other class! Finally on Wednesdays I have British Broadcasting today, which is taught by this awesome eclectic woman who has worked all over London publishing, editing and writing for some of the best in the country. Also, in this class we’ll go on a trip to the BBC studio, which I am SUPER stoked about. Overall I really enjoy my classes and the teachers and I truly believe I’m going to learn a lot. I feel like the course load shouldn’t be too bad and with only taking 4 classes 3 days a week, I have no reason but to excel!

A sidenote is that after the weekend I got pretty sick and stuck with a really bad cold. I’ve been taking Vitamin C chewables, drinking airborne, and drinking gallons of hot tea. I’m hoping to get myself together ASAP like Rocky. It’s even worse because I never get sick, so I feel even more hopeless and annoyed. I’m chalking it up to traveling, jet lag, living with 5 other girls, being exposed to a bunch  of new germs and walking around outside and being in the cold. Whatever it is, it’s kicking my butt and I’m SICK of it (literally:( !) But I swear I’m not letting it ruin my time!

Anyways, until next time on travels with Tee…XX

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