Living like a Londoner

Okay, so I’m a little overdue, but I’m going to get into my first weekend in London. So, on Friday night, most of the people in my program went on the Camden Pub Crawl. It was awesome, we got entry into 4 pubs/clubs and drinks at each venue. It was great, I got to see a lot of students in my program, and I got to see the nightlife in London. Camden is definitely where it’s at in London for the nightlife. They’ve got a plethora of pubs and clubs. Okay, so aside from how much fun it was, I may or may not have fallen down at the last club, so I ended up hurting my ankle. Because I hurt my ankle, I wasn’t able to go on the bus tour of London on Saturday, but I don’t feel that sad because I heard it wasn’t even all that great!!!! Anyway, by Sunday, my ankle was doing a bit better, so my roommates and I decided to go exploring. Of course, me being the foodie that I am, I wanted to go to Cereal Killer Cafe. By using an app called CityMapper, we were able to figure out that it was just a tube & bus ride away. We ended up getting there on public transit with no issues! Alright, well, there was 1 issue….we didn’t know exactly where the cafe was. So after some fumbling around and walking in the wrong direction, we accidentally stumbled upon this insane outdoor market. Later we found out we were in East London at the Brick Lane Market. Turns out this is the location of some of the most famous street art in London, INCLUDING a whole bunch of Banksy art! (For those who don’t know Banksy is the most famous street artist in the world)


(This isn’t Banksy, but it’s still pretty neat!)

Long story short though we walked by Cereal Killer about 3 or 4 times before we even realized where it was! All in all, it was pretty mediocre, in my opinion. It’s a restaurant that serves 6 GBP (great British pound) bowls of cereal. I mean, it’s very hipster-ish, so it’s cool to say that I went, but it was a one and done type of deal, in my opinion. Overall, 6.5/10 would semi recommend. After we stopped there, we ended up exploring the market a little more, which by the way, had way more amazing food than just cereal at either the same or half the price at Cereal Killer Cafe. I ended up getting this delicious Greek/Athenian wrap type thing, and it was amazing! To be honest, I’m not even really sure what it was, but I’m positive about one thing…..that it was absolutely DELICIOUS!


Overall my first weekend in London was amazeballs! I am 100% happy to be here, and I genuinely believe that this is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Also, because I posted this late, I’ll be posting again either tonight or tomorrow about my first week of classes in London, so stay tuned for the next post of travels with Tee!

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