Last Weekend in London 3/25-3/27

All right, so my study abroad experience is beginning to come to a close. This last weekend was my last weekend I will have spent in London. As sad as that sounds, it was a blowout of a weekend. It was amazing! I had great times from Thursday all the way through to Sunday.

On Thursday my program hosted a boat party for the students on the river Thames. It was an awesome atmosphere and experience. I personally love boat parties, so I knew it’d be awesome. It just so happened to be Great Gatsby themed, so everyone got to get dressed up and looks nice. I had a ball at the party and it ended around 12, which meant that I was able to have an early night!


For a while now it’s been pretty cold and grim in London, but on Friday I woke up and the weather was just absolutely beautiful out. It was 60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, so there was no way I wanted to stay at home. I ended up going to the London Zoo and it was amazing. It seems silly, but it was so much fun to just let go and act like a little kid again and get excited to see all the animals. I even ended up getting my face painted because who knows when the last time I’ve been to the zoo was?! The Philadelphia Zoo is so damn expensive, I wouldn’t even think of buying tickets. I should also add that I go to go on this excursion for free because I have a London Pass. It’s a pass that gets me into 5 attractions all over London. It was such a good add-on by my study abroad program!

After the zoo I had to get ready for a fun night out with my friend Colby who came to visit. Colby is currently studying in Paris and hopped on over to London, so of course we went out to dinner and ended up going to a fun plub (pub club). I had to call it an early night because I had plans to go to the White Cliffs of Dover and Colby had plans to sightsee. The Cliffs of Dover were probably some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.


They were breathtaking, but it was such a hilarious trip trying to actually get to the cliffs. We ended up in Dover, which is the town the cliffs are in and went to the information center to get help on where to go. We knew we would have to walk a bit, but we didn’t not expect anything that we ended up doing. It was unreal, and let me tell you, the information desk…not so full of information. They gave us these random rinky-dink maps and basically said follow the trail. The issue was there was no actual trail! Well, there was no trail that we could find. We ended up walking the wrong way for a solid 25 minutes and then when we finally figured it out we ended up having to walk along a busy interstate. If the sheer fact of walking along the highway and almost getting hit just to see the cliffs wasn’t enough the stuff we experienced once we actually got to the cliffs was insane. Little did we know that there would be insane wind. When I say insane I mean the winds were at least 4o MPH. It was honestly one of the funniest and most terrifying things I have experienced and at one point I was just screaming “I FEEL SO ALIVE” because I genuinely did. We laughed the entire way up when we were hiking. My friends and I genuinely laughed in the face of death.


^This is us LITERALLY laughing in the face of death. Hahahaha^

After an awesome day in Dover we came back and had a relatively chill night. The next day I did a tour to Greenwich, which is where the prime meridian is located. It was very cool to go to the observatory because it talked a lot about how the sun and the stars were the timetables of the world at one point. It’s so interesting to be able to just look at my phone and know the time at all times after learning about the lengths people went through to figure out what time it was.

Overall I had an amazing last weekend in London. I know I’m a tad off schedule, but things have been moving pretty quickly seeing as I come home in only 16 days!

Until next time, T x

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