Hurry up with my damn croissants!

Hi all, okay so it’s been a while since I posted, but I’m going to talk about my trip to Paris last weekend!


For starters, I loved Paris. It was hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The amount of amazing and historical things you want to see is truly endless. From the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame, I don’t believe there is a part of Paris that isn’t as lovely as all of the travel brochures and the media has made it seem. I travelled to Paris by taking the Chunnel. The Chunnel is an underwater train service that runs under the English Channel. You can get to a few other destinations by using the Chunnel, but Paris is by far the most popular. It was a littler nerve-wracking at first because it was such a scary thought to be completely underwater, but it actually ended up being very comfortable and not at all scary. Also, the fellow I sat next to even let me have the window seat, which was really nice of him. The first issue I ran into was completely forgetting the fact that I was going to another country, which meant that obviously I had to go through customs. Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a last minute type of gal. With that being said, obviously I arrived 45 min before my train left. Turns out I had to go through customs, they had to check my bags and everything and I needed to be checked in 30 min before my train departed. I was a little bit winded after fighting my way to the front and explaining that I needed to make my train immediately, but the customs people were great about it and helped a sista out! When I got to Paris it was unbelievable hearing all the French around me and noticing how different France was from London. I’m so used to being able to speak English, so I had to make sure I had a few one-liners I could pull out if necessary! Lucky for me my cab driver spoke English when I got a cab to my friend Michaela’s apartment, so that was immediately comforting. It was amazing to see her! As you know, if you’re staying updated, I was feeling very homesick in my last post, so it was refreshing to see a familiar face. I nearly cried when I got to Paris because it was so overwhelming and i felt so grateful. I’m not sure I have expressed the gratitude I have towards my parents and family for helping me on this amazing journey. As soon as I got into Paris of course I ate baguette et fromage and had macarons!!!!


Paris nightlife is unlike any other. To start off, the clubs don’t even open until about 11:30 or 12 AM, which I’m not used to! London is a regular run of the mill city, you go out by 10 PM, get home by 3 AM and all is right in the world. The clubs in Paris also stay open until nearly 5 AM. Anyway, the first night we went to a club called Titty Twister. Funny name, I know, but also it was a great atmosphere. There was a lot of really great neon typography artwork, which was cool. That night I also met Zayn Malik who used to be in One Direction. He was really nice and super cool! The coolest part about going out in Paris was that on the way to Titty Twister we drove directly through the Arc du Triomphe. It was unbelievable, all these things I had heard about and could only dream of and there it was right in front of my eyes. The second night I was there I saw the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful and does this cute little light show for the first 5 minutes of each hour where it sparkles, shines and glitters up. It was unlike anything I have ever gotten to experience.

Overall as my first trip on my European adventure Paris was absolutely dazzling. It is a place that is timeless, classic and beautiful. It’s a place that has given me so much to be thankful and grateful for. I have not felt this filled with joy and happiness in a long time. Each journey I go on through out these next few months adds to the list of how amazing my life is all thanks to the people who love me the most. They say that Paris is the city of love and I learned all about love in a way I never thought a city like would teach me.

Je t’aime both my family and the city of Paris.

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