Corfu & Chill?

I’ve got one thing to say about Greece: if you can get there, GO.


Easily, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my entire life. When I stepped off the plane it was warm, sunny and inviting. I loved traveling to Greece. It’s definitely in my top 3 destinations that I think are must sees in the world. Greece was very different from my other trips. Well, I went by myself and it was absolutely amazing. In the beginning I was a tad nervous because I was going alone. I traveled to Rome alone, but that was different because I was in a big city and there were so many sites to see which occupied my time. When it came to Greece I decided to steer clear of the big cities, mainly  because of the issues the cities/country is dealing with, and I was pleased with my decision to do so! It made for a very different experience than I’ve previously had while traveling.

Corfu is a a greek island in the Ionian Sea. If you look at it on a map it’s actually closer to Albania than it is to the rest of Greece. I like to call it god’s little slice of heaven. Honestly, I’m not a very religious person, but you can see from the photos that when looking far out you get to a point where the sky and the sea meet. I pointed to it while on a quad safari and I said that must be where heaven is, and I stand by that! Corfu is where heaven and paradise come to life, I swear. While in Corfu I ended up doing an ATV safari around the island (in other words I 4-wheeled around the island) and it was awesome. The best part about the ATV safari was getting to see some of the most amazing views of the island.

I used Greece as a relaxing trip for me. It was the end of the semester, and I need a quick getaway before finals, so I spent it lounging by the Ionian Sea and soaking up loads of sun. I also met some great people, which in my opinion is the best part of solo travel. I love traveling and meeting people and learning about who they are and what their story is. My favorite stories are the kind when people say they came, they fell in love and then they just stuck around forever. By fall in love I don’t always me in love with a person, but sometimes the people just fell in love with the place and couldn’t peel themselves away from it. Overall, Corfu, Greece did not disappoint.

Alas, I know that everyone is trying to figure out when the hell I’ll even be back in the US. And the answer is, I’ll be back on April 28th just in time for my mom’s birthday, which is May 1st. My program ends the 23rd, but I extended my trip to Lisbon, Portugal for 5 days, and then I’ll finally be heading back to the USA. Hopefully somebody greets me at the airport with a peach water ice, a cheese pretzel and a chicken cheesesteak…I know, I know it’s all wishful thinking, of course, but a girl can dream!

T x

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