Zira Spa – Chiang Mai Review

Zira Spa – Chiang Mai Review

I spent four hours at Zira Spa and came out totally understanding why the spa has 100+ 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. Over four hours, I received a body scrub, a reflexology foot massage, an aromatherapy hot oil massage, a Thai herbal compress massage, and a floral jacuzzi soak for only 4,500 baht (USD 135). From [...]

Now Everything Begins

This is the first time in 17 years that the month of August is not filled with anticipation for a new academic year. It's the first time I am not purchasing new pencils, new folders or new binders. It's the first time I did not anxiously wait to receive my class schedule. It's the first [...]

Where Do I Go From Here?

****Disclaimer: some people's feelings may get hurt**** I've recently felt very alone. I have plenty of friends and my life is truly fabulous, but I come from a place where many of my very best friends are white. With all the insane #BLM things happening and police brutality, I'm not really able to explain to [...]