Where to Fix a Cracked Screen in Chiang Mai

Cracked Screen Repair Shop

There’s not much worse than watching your cell phone fall to its certain death, especially when you have to watch it happen in a foreign country and have no idea where you should go to fix a cracked screen!


In Thailand, most problems can be remedied by visiting one of the local malls. In Chiang Mai, the mall closest to the city center is called MAYA. The third floor of MAYA is dedicated to all things technological, which is where I found Mobile Hospital, the place that would fix my cracked screen. Mobile Hospital is a tech counter that specializes in phone maintenance for iPhones and Androids alike, and they are no stranger to seeing a distressed foreigner with a cracked screen. You can recognize Mobile Hospital from the neon sign that makes it stand out.


The guys at Mobile Hospital got to work with the swiftness, and before I could explain or say anything, one of the guys was removing the cracked screen and checking out the damage. The best part about Mobile Hospital was that out of the four guys who worked at the counter, two of them could speak English, which is great because it’s the worst when you’re distressed and misunderstood. I was told a new screen would cost 2,500 baht (USD 75) and to come back in one hour.

Cracked Screen Repair Shop
Get your phone fixed at Mobile Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in MAYA mall.


I cracked my screen while riding a motorbike in the rain and having my phone fall into the road and get run over by a few cars. Because of that, I was worried about water damage along with the cracked screen. The guy who spoke the best English thoroughly explained what was going on with my phone. He said my audio no longer worked, so I wouldn’t be able to make phone calls, and told me my back-camera was destroyed, but he assured me the water damage was minimal.


Screen repair: 2,500 baht ($76 USD)

Camera: 3,500 baht ($106 USD)

Camera lens: 400 baht ($12)

Audio IC: 3,000 baht ($91 USD)

Total: 9,400 baht ($287 USD)

In the end, I didn’t get all the recommended work done, but I can say that 2,500 baht is the cheapest I’ve ever had a cracked screen replaced for. My Thai friends confirmed that the numbers I got were standard. The mobile repair industry in Thailand is watered down, which can make it easy to get scammed through the cost or quality of materials.

In the end, I would definitely recommend stopping by Mobile Hospital for any of your mobile repair needs. The English, the prices, and quick work is enough for me to give them five stars!

One thought on “Where to Fix a Cracked Screen in Chiang Mai

  1. I have a broken samsung note 9 which I need to change both sides. can you do it and how much. MY phone nunber is 0973615602


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