The Happiest Place On Earth

All right, during the weekend of April 1-3 I spent a weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark with my best friend Michaela. I hadn’t traveled outside of the UK in about 3 or 4 weeks and was feeling like I needed a vacation from my vacation! I had the best time in Copenhagen. Before I went I heard amazing things about the place. I heard about how cute it was, how friendly the people were and honestly, about how cute the guys were. Let me tell you, the city delivered on all of these things.

The first day I got there I met with Michaela at the airport and it was a beautiful sunny day. We got an uber to our Airbnb and it was lovely. I had the absolute best Airbnb host ever. She was so sweet and kind. She helped Michaela and I out with everything we needed. I had never used Airbnb, so I was a bit nervous, but it was an awesome first time experience!

The entrance into Christiania

When we first got to Copenhagen we headed straight to Christiania. Okay, so we all know Amsterdam has the Red Light District, which is full of prostitutes, and peep shows? Well, Copenhagen has the Green Light District. Christiania is like a little hippie town within Copenhagen that is all about having a good time. Although marijuana is illegal in Denmark a blind eye is turned and people can go on about their business, and do what they wish.

But because marijuana is still illegal they have 3 main rules:

No pictures (it’s illegal, so don’t incriminate anyone)

No running (it startles people who are engaging in illegal activity)

& Have a good time (how is this even a rule? This should be a life mantra)

Seems pretty simple, right? It was an awesome town with a lot of great street art, friendly people and amazing food. Michaela and I were a little nervous because it wasn’t really our scene, but it was awesome. I feel like it’s something I definitely needed to do to experience the culture of such a wonderful city.

Nyhavn houses

The next day Michaela and I went to Nyhavn. So, I had been pronouncing it NY-HAVEN from the moment I began to look up what there was to do it Copenhagen. Turns out, it’s pronounced NEW-HOW. I would by accident call it NEE-HOW, like the Japanese word, but only when I was with Michaela and I could be/act as American as I needed to. Anyway, that was the cutest area with streets lined with beautifully painted houses. I said the weather was really nice, so Michaela and I got really lucky. Also, sidetone: the city is rather small, so we were also able to go everywhere we went by foot. It was awesome! But back to the travels…Nyhavn also had AMAZING ice cream. Some of the best cream I’ve ever had.

All right here comes the fun (as if it wasn’t all a blast, but I digress) so Copenhagen has consistently been ranked as one of the Top 3 Happiest places on earth. Read article here: Why The Happiest Place On Earth Is Actually CopenhagenSo, I had an inkling that it would be happy, but the place got way happier the moment we turned the corned and saw people jumping up and down on sidewalks. We were confused and couldn’t figure out what exactly was happening, but when we got close we found TRAMPOLINES IN THE SIDEWALK!!!!


It was surreal and one the most fun things I had ever done, and let me tell you, those trampolines were bouncy. We were really getting some decent air on those things!

Overall Copenhagen was beautiful and fun and everything someone could imagine an awesome place that’s dubbed the “Happiest Place On Earth.”

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