Will All the White Folks Please Stand Up?

When I received the email that I was chosen to intern for the Democratic National Convention I couldn't contain my excitement. I felt that I was going to be part of something amazing. I would be part of pushing our country toward something so unbelievably progressive - our first female president. I also knew that I [...]

Where Do I Go From Here?

****Disclaimer: some people's feelings may get hurt**** I've recently felt very alone. I have plenty of friends and my life is truly fabulous, but I come from a place where many of my very best friends are white. With all the insane #BLM things happening and police brutality, I'm not really able to explain to [...]


Yesterday we found out that #AltonSterling was murdered by white police. So, today when I woke up late, I decided not to rush to work. Because I knew that if I rushed, I would speed, and speeding could lead to potentially getting pulled over by the cops, and then I could possibly die. So, I [...]