Why Does the Black Community Fall Silent When It Comes to R. Kelly’s Predatory Behavior?

The younger generation isn't finding it hard to call R. Kelly a sexual abuser, but the same can't be said for older black people because it would mean taking a good, long look in the mirror.

Discovering Your Worth

A lot of people would consider me confident. I am confident, but sometimes I feel small, weak and inferior. Often, when I ask for things from the people I love the most I feel the worst. I feel like a burden, I feel scared and I feel straight up undeserving. I used to blame these feelings on [...]

Where Do I Go From Here?

****Disclaimer: some people's feelings may get hurt**** I've recently felt very alone. I have plenty of friends and my life is truly fabulous, but I come from a place where many of my very best friends are white. With all the insane #BLM things happening and police brutality, I'm not really able to explain to [...]