Microblading in Chiang Mai – Everything You Need to Know

Microblading sounds painful and uncomfortable, but it’s the latest and least painful procedure to provide you with photo-ready eyebrows. I wanted microblading because I was tired of waking up and doing mine. I wanted my eyebrows to look fuller, and I wanted that, “I woke up like dis” vibe. The process of microblading isn’t long, but it does take some commitment. You’ll need two microblading sessions, time to heal, and overall patience.

What is microblading? Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to enhance and shape the eyebrows. Traditionally, microblading is the act of drawing fine strokes of eyebrow hair into the eyebrow spaces that lack hair to create a fuller and more defined look. The brow specialist will draw the strands of hair using a tiny blade and deposit the semi-permanent pigment into the skin’s outermost layer. The act of only putting the dye into the outer layer is what makes microblading semi-permanent instead of permanent, like tattoos. All of your faves have had microblading done. Just look to Serena Williams, Mila Kunis, and even Oprah, for example.

The microblading process: The lash and brow specialist will work to draw the perfect eyebrow for you. They will draw over your eyebrows to sculpt a brow that perfectly fits your face. Once both you and the specialist have agreed to an eyebrow that satisfies, they will begin the tedious work of creating small hair-like strokes to give you striking, yet natural, eyebrows. The first step in the microblading process is to have your eyebrows cleaned and numbed because little blades are coming toward your face after all. The numbing cream should work so well that you feel nothing while the brow specialist does their job. Some may experience bleeding or inflammation, but that will vary. One thing to note is that although you won’t feel anything, you will be able to hear it all. So you will listen to the bizarre sound of a blade cutting into your skin. It’s an eerie sound that can make even the calmest person feel anxious. The best thing to do is to wear headphones or fall asleep. All three times that I’ve done microblading, I slept through the entire procedure. The initial appointment of numbing, drawing and microblading can take anywhere between one to three hours, depending on the specialist. After the initial appointment, you’ll go back for a touch-up after four to six weeks, and voila! All finished.

The healing process: The healing process takes time. You will notice that your eyebrows look fabulous after your initial appointment. They will be defined and super poppin,’ but all good things must come to an end, which is exactly what happens about a week after microblading. After seven to ten days, your eyebrows will begin to scab, which can make your eyebrows look pretty wonky. Once the scabbing starts, all you can do is wait for the scabs to fall off to reveal your final brow. The whole healing process can take up to three weeks. For the first seven to ten days, you should avoid water and heavy exercising because any sweat or dirty water could cause an infection. After all, you will have tiny little open wounds on your face! Over the following weeks, you’ll notice your scabs peeling away, but eventually, all will be settle.


CuteArts Eyebrows: 95/2 Fa Ham, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

For my Chiang Mai peeps! A well-maintained studio close to Central Festival and Ruamchok Mall and Market. The owner is friendly, kind, and speaks English. She is very accommodating with appointments. She has perfected her craft as it only took her a few minutes to understand the shape and style I wanted.

MeyvaBrows: Tallahassee, FL

Meyva is a certified permanent makeup artist. She specializes in microblading, eyelash extensions, eyeliner, and lip tattooing. Meyva did my microblading session. She’s amazing and takes precision in her work. She listened every time I wanted my eyebrows redrawn and she helped calm me down. Meyva works primarily in Tallahassee, Florida, so if you’re in Florida, get yourself right by her.

The pictures below are my final eyebrows. The picture on the left is my eyebrows after two sessions, and the picture on the right is my eyebrows after a third session. This is how my eyebrows look with no added pencil, dip, or gel.

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