What I Learned from Getting into a Motorbike Accident is…

Here they call motorbike scars “Thailand tattoos”

I got into a motorbike accident while riding in the middle between my girlfriend and my best friend. Before anybody lays into me, you should never ride with more than two people. Bottom line. The accident was totally and absolutely preventable, but when you’re comfortable riding on a bike sometimes you get careless.

The three of us were on the bike and the driver (my girlfriend) went to make a left, but the road was closed, so she went to make a quick right. She leaned, there was too much weight and down we went. The cops from the blocked off street came over to help us and our friend was behind us, so she stopped to make sure everything was okay.

Everybody had some bleeding and road rash, but it wasn’t necessary to call an ambulance, so we stood up, got back on the bike and made our way home. On the way we stopped by a 7-Eleven to grabbed some first aid products to clean ourselves up. I opted to go to the hospital because I hurt my wrist, but everything turned out to be fine.

Things I learned from the accident?

Debridement sucks. Having the dirt cleaned out of your wound feels worse than anything else. For the first few days it was physically exhausting to have my wound cleaned because there was so much pain.

7-Eleven is the jam. Thanks to 7-Eleven we were able to get nearly everything we needed to clean ourselves up, so try to find a 7-Eleven if you’ve got some minors wounds and scrapes!

Teachers have pretty good insurance. Thanks to my job, I have ER Accident insurance and it covered my x-ray and debridement. My whole  came out to 2,800 baht ($90 USD).

Always wear a helmet. I don’t think this needs any further explanation…

Don’t ride with more than two people on a bike. Also doesn’t need any further explanation…

Wear proper clothes while riding. Wearing a jacket, jeans, closed toed shoes and gloves will minimize the wounds and bruises you get if you get into an accident.

Save your loved ones the heart attack, and just be smart while riding a motorbike. We were all very lucky that the accident didn’t involve any other cars, bikers or pedestrians. As far as accidents go, it was a mild one, but there’s no way I’m trying to go through it again. Be safe and for the love of any higher being, be smarter than me!


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