Be Fearless, Don’t Just Fear less

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Everybody knows that I romped around Europe for four months without a care in the world. I never let anything stop me. I didn’t let fear consume me, I didn’t let anxiety cripple me, I just did what I felt was right and I was happy I did so. But a conversation with my co-worker about their fear of traveling to Greece got me thinking. It made me think about what made me different. What made me not nervous and scared to travel especially with all the crazy things that we encounter, and deal with in this crazy world.

I guess I’ll have to boil it down to two things. The first thing is that I’m young, and I guess the second reason is that I refuse to worry about the things that cold potentially happen. The fact that I’m young is definitely a factor as to why I just “rip and run the streets,” as my mother would say. I’m young, and I guess I do think I’m pretty invincible. While I know that I’m not truly invincible, I do know that I have the whole world at my feet and if I don’t experience it now, eventually it will be too late. I know that the world is so fresh and new to me, so why would I not try to explore it all in one leap if I could? I know that sounds silly, but eventually someday will be today, and then someday will be yesterday, and then that will be my life. That quote hits really close to home, because as I get older I realize that it is the honest to God truth. Eventually all these moments will just be memories someday, and I refuse to look back on my life and wonder “What if?” 

As far as living life in a potential state, I don’t have time for that. I am way too young to be worried about shoulda, coulda, wouldas! I’ve also learned that making decisions based on your emotions isn’t always the best. I know we all make decisions with our emotions sometimes, but sometimes thinking with your feelings will get you nowhere fast.

Personally, my stance is this: when it is my time, it just will beand that’s all there is to it. If I do go out in some crazy freak accident, like a plane disappearing or some insane terroristic attack…well, at least I went out doing something amazing. I was exploring, I was learning, and I was absorbing other cultures. Because if I am on my way out I sure as hell would rather go out chasing the sun and expanding my horizons rather than sitting in a cubicle!  To say you don’t want to travel to Europe (or anywhere for that matter) is like saying you’re never going to NYC because of 9/11, or that you’ll never go to Boston because of the Boston Marathon Bomber. It sounds silly when you put it in that sense, doesn’t it? Of course it does. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, no one place is safer than any other. Things go down all over the world everyday, we just hone in on the situations that the media tells us are important. Another reason for why I’m not nervous to travel is because  I personally feel like I have more important and more realistic things to worry about. For starters, I’m a black woman in America. That in itself is a daunting thing to handle each day! I’m not saying that terrorism is not scary, and that it’s not real I’m just saying that I would rather worry about the things that actually have a daily and direct impact on my life. Things like, sexual assault/rape, the wage gap and racism. Those are things that I fear, and that I worry about each day. Sue me if you think that’s silly or irrational even, but it’s just my opinion, and while you’re out living your life too cautiously to actually live, I’ll be sending you a postcard from my crazy adventure.

The last thing I’ll say is that, it’s easy to live in fear. It’s easy to be scared and close yourself off, but that doesn’t mean you should. Like Drake said, “Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.” So get out there and live your lives people. Don’t let fear trap you into thinking that the comfort of your home is the only place that you’ll be safe. You’ve got to be cautious, but be free to adventure and experience all at once.

Always try to be fearless, don’t just learn to fear less.

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