About Me

My name is Troi Williams, I am a Sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford with a major in Public Relations and a double minor in Gender Studies and Digital Graphic Design. I’m originally from Philly, I love fashion, being healthy and expressing my opinions.

You might be wondering why the blog title is BohoUrbanBeliefs, and the reason for that is because that is how I view myself. ‘Boho’, which is short for bohemian starts off my blog title. Bohemians are categorized as people who go against the grain of society. ‘Urban’ is the next part of the title. As stated, I’m from Philadelphia and my street smarts are just as top notch as my school smarts. Lastly I have beliefs in the title, because this entire blog is about what I personally believe and have to say about certain topics.

Thanks for reading xx

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