Glamping in Mon Jam, Chiang Mai’s Mountain Getaway

Glamping in Mon Jam Chiang Mai

Mon Jam itself is a viewpoint at the top of a mountain that’s one-hour outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mostly, when people refer to Mon Jam, they are referring to the picturesque peak that boasts strawberries, berry-flavored wines, zip-lining, eclectic cafes, and a break from the hustle of the city center. Still, the hidden gem is the chance to go glamping in the clouds.

I stayed at Phudoi Homestay, but there are loads of glamping sites on the mountain ranging from having generic tents to bubble tents, teepees, and box houses. Phudoi Homestay has two glamping accommodation options: circular tents and box houses. All of the glamping accommodations at Phudoi Homestay come equipped with full bathrooms, thick blankets, soft pillows, and towels. The box houses even have televisions.

Find your perfect accommodation here (set the location to Chiang Mai):

PRICING: Different Mon Jam glamping accommodations offer different amenities. Phudoi Homestay’s tents cost 1390 Baht ($45) in the low season, and the box houses cost 1590 Baht ($50). During the high season, prices can go up to 1990 Baht ($64) per night. It’s best to book the experience a month prior because they are consistently near or at full capacity. 

FOOD: The options atop the mountain are few, but both inexpensive and delicious. You can purchase dinner from the respective glamping accommodation. Most accommodations will serve Thai favorites like stir-fried rice, pad thai, pad ka pow, and mu-kratha (Thai barbecue). Go for the mu-kratha because the panoramic views complement an evening of grilling and beer. Glamping up the mountain is similar to camping because it’s encouraged to bring snacks and drinks to satisfy particular cravings. While driving up the mountain, you’ll see restaurants serving traditional Thai food among spectacular landscapes. 

ร้าน น้ำเหนือนั่งเล่น: A restaurant that combines the traditional Thai nature of making a masterpiece out of nature. The restaurant is set up on the road’s side to highlight the simple pleasures of taking a minute to stop and enjoy the natural world around you. Here, you can enjoy Thai staple dishes like larb, papaya salad, and tom yum koong, all while admiring the views of a seemingly magical waterfall that juts out and pours water right from the mountain’s side.

Mon Jam Restaurant
Mon Jam Restaurant


Pongyang Jungle Coaster and Zipline ( An elevated adventure park where fun-seekers can zip-line, feel the wind in their hair via a jungle coaster, bungee jump, rock climb and so much more. The jungle coaster is a must-do, and zip-lining is ultra-fun if you’ve got some time to spare.

Floral Fields: Stop by at one (or all) of the Mon Jam blooming fields you’ll stumble upon while driving up the mountain. There are breathtaking floral fields full of colorful flowers that make for magnificent photos and picturesque viewpoints.

Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden: A massive conservatory, on the way to Mon Jam, named after the Queen mother of Thailand that showcases various Thai flora.

THINGS TO KNOW: Mon Jam gets chilly at night, so make sure to take a sweatshirt or sweater. It’s best to drive up to Mon Jam by car, especially if you plan to take a bit of gear. Once you reach a certain point, everything becomes Thai, or Hill Tribe dominated. There will be little no English translations or English speakers, so prepare accordingly.

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