Two Weeks of Travel Through Malaysia, Singapore and Phuket

I’m going on a two week excursion with my bestie through Malaysia, Singapore and Phuket. We chose these three countries for the simple fact that Americans can enter them easily and without a visa. I’ve previously been to Kuala Lumpur (read about that here), so I knew it would be a great place to start the trip. I’m going to give a price break down in this article for preliminary costs, but stay tuned for follow up articles about each place we visit!

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur (3 nights)

Chiang Mai » Kuala Lumpur AirAsia flight (OW) – $65 USD

Dorms KL hostel – $19 USD/pp

  • includes breakfast


Malaaca, Malaysia (3 nights)

Transport KL » Malaaca -$7 USD

Ringos Foyer Guest House – $23 USD/pp

  • includes breakfast


Singapore (2 nights)

Transport Malaaca » Singapore – $9 OW

Gayleng airbnb – $55 USD/pp

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia (3 nights)

Singapore » Penang JetStar flight (OW) – $57 USD

Ryokan Muntri Boutique Hostel – $19 USD/pp

  • includes breakfast


Phuket, Thailand (4 nights)

Penang » Phuket AirAsia flight OW – $22 USD

Memory Boutique Patong – $90 USD/pp

  • includes breakfast

Total price? $366 USD per person for our accommodations and transportation to and from each place. I’m going to follow up this article with how much was spent daily, how the accommodations were, what excursions were worth it and anything else that I think will help your trip go smoothly. Happy travels and stay tuned!



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