Jai Thep – Chiang Mai Music Festival

Jai Thep music festival

What is it? Jai Thep is a festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand that was held at Lanna Rock Garden this past year. Lanna Rock Garden is about 45 minutes at the maximum from Chiang Mai city. It’s so much more than just a music festival because of all the activities it provides. It’s definitely a barefoot, hippie oasis, but it’s also family friendly and genuinely fun. There are workshops you can partake in that involve arts, crafts, mindfulness activities, yoga, meditation and so much more.

Jai Thep Chiang Mai Music Festival
Jai Thep Chiang Mai Music Festival

How much? See the table below for 2019 pricing.

Jai Thep Ticket Price

How to get there? Songtaew’s (red trucks) from the Three Kings Monument will start in the morning and you can get one back there in the evening at 1 a.m.

-Take a Grab. Grab prices will vary, but this is a a good idea if you just want a direct route there and back.

-Private car is an option, but that can be expensive and potentially dangerous if you’re drinking or doing any other party favors.

Music: There are five stages for music: buffalo stage, the mantis, river stage, karma and home. The music is a mix of electronic, hip hop, reggae, rock n roll and plenty others. Instead of following a performer my crew followed our ears to figure out where we wanted to be. We enjoyed the river stage a lot because they had reggae tunes and the mantis was good for electronic music. Close to the end of the night there was an 80’s aerobic dance stage where this guy basically lead us on this turn up-workout circuit and I had a blast with that!

Jai Thep Snacks Chiang Mai
Jai Thep Snacks Chiang Mai

Extra info: The food in the festival was really good and I don’t think it was that expensive for a festival. When you arrive you receive wristbands and you can load them up with cash to make your transactions easier. If you have money leftover on it, like I did, you can get your money back at the information desk near the entrance.

Jai Thep Sunset
Jai Thep Sunset

I would say that Jai Thep was definitely a vibe and I’d suggest getting your tickets early so you can enjoy all the fun for a great price!


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