Here Comes The Sexiest Show On The Planet

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is right around the corner, and social media has definitely let us know. Victoria’s Secret has gotten increasingly serious about posting about their fabulous event coming up. The show that millions sit down and watch each year is highly anticipated. Everyone knows the same models who will be walking the runway Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Alessandro Ambrosio and many other fan favorites.

 IMG_0338 IMG_0337

Adriana Lima and Candace Swanepoel pictured above.

The exciting part this year was finding out who was going to perform during the show. The company actually announced the people performing through Instagram, which was a great way to get their message out there. They will be having performers such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande and a few others not pictured.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande

Victoria’s Secret definitely knows who their audience is since they are advertising on Instagram. Instagram is mainly used by the young people in the world. Victoria’s Secret also got artists that mainly young people would know. By young I mean up until about age 55-years-old. I’m sure many 40 and 50-year-olds have heard Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande music because of their children or just because of mainstream media.


The company not only created a hashtag #VSFashionShow, but they also made a sweepstakes about it and advertised it on Instagram. Victoria’s Secret did a great job advertising especially because the fashion show isn’t until December. I’m definitely going to be watching, and tweeting. I bet this advertising would have been different and had a different reaction on twitter. This because people have so many opinions on there and can post them, while Instagram is just for photographs. Not many people are commenting their opinions they are simply liking the photograph or not liking it.

5 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sexiest Show On The Planet

  1. I love their way of advertising. Whoever works behind Victoria Secret’s social media outlets,do a wonderful job! I really thought it was smart of them 1. to create the hashtags to expand their advertising, and 2. to advertise two very famous women. This will get more people to watch! I also feel that Instagram was needed for this event to show pictures of the models. I always loved the wings…so cool!


  2. I think that their advertising and PR people definitely know what they are doing. They are using social media to advertise to their audience, especially their younger audience. This is such a good post. I wasn’t aware of all of the advertisement going on on social media for the fashion show.


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