Just when we all thought it couldn’t get any better Rolling Stone announced their would be a Toy Story 4 released in 2017.

Rolling Stone's Tweet
Rolling Stone’s Tweet

Personally I love all the Toy Story movies, but the third one was a bit overkill for my liking. Not quite sure how they could top the last one with all the characters almost being burned alive. I suppose we will have to see. Many people on Twitter were pro Toy Story 4, but a fair amount also said do not ruin something that is already good.

Here are a couple tweets from skeptical Toy Story fans:

Skeptical Toy Story 4 Tweets
Skeptical Toy Story 4 Tweets

Here are a couple tweets from overjoyed Toy Story Fans:

Pro Toy Story 4 Tweets
Pro Toy Story 4 Tweets

Toy Story is a huge part of 90s babies’ childhood, but all good things must come to an end, so maybe they should cut it off? Using social media as an outlet to find out what fans want is a very helpful thing for the company, but people have to realize that 90s babies are not young anymore and the film is not supposed to be geared towards them. Even if I do not see it I’m sure it will still be a loved movie and become a classic just like all the other Toy Story sequels.

6 thoughts on “TOY STORY 4

  1. Oh Pixar! As much as I love The Toy Story movies, Pixar needs to think of some new ideas. However you are correct, this is not for us 90 children anymore, it is for the younger children. This is something fresh and new for those who are younger, for us however it may seem like what you said, an overkill. I think that social media is important for the Pixar company, like you said. This way the company can see if they are making a good decision, and if they will be making come opening night. Social media is a great place to see these decisions. I wonder if they will listen to these concerns, or ignore them and focus only on the younger generation.


  2. They Toy Story series is one of the most iconic children’s movies of all time. From the actors, to the story, and the actual characters in the movie are all high level. Hopefully they can stay true to the original plot and make another classic.


  3. I feel like this is being forced. This seems like a strictly financial move for Pixar. I don’t think that there needs to be another Toy Story. Viewers of this new Toy Story might not even know about the first ones because it was so long ago, and their new audience is so young. I think this shows a lack of creativity from producers at Pixar.


  4. I would have to agree on both parts, I am super stoked to hear about Toy Story 4… But what is going to happen. Andy went to college and the toys are with a different person. I could see a few ideas, but Andy was a huge role, nonetheless I will make sure I see it.


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