Michael Dunn sentenced to life in prison.

Michael Dunn, the man who shot and killed a young man named Jordan Davis for playing “too loud music,” has been sentenced to life without parole. The decision was decided after the court conducted a retrial earlier this month. This information was released on Global Grind via twitter.

Other important things to note were that Dunn actually tweeted his condolences to the Davis family:


His use of social media to reach out to a boy he killed was an easy way for him to express his sorrow without being in the face of the family. By using social media to send his apologies it made what could have been extremely awkward a little bit okay.

6 thoughts on “Michael Dunn sentenced to life in prison.

  1. This is a very interesting post. I can not believe that he posted on social media to apologize. I wonder if this was a stunt so other people could see him apologize. I mean this would be the fastest way to bring this to the public. I however think this is something for a face to face apology or something more visual, one where the family could actually hear his voice.This is an awkward way to use social media and in my opinion insensitive. Good post!


  2. From my understanding, this was his statement to the family he said in court and the Times union reporter live-tweeted it while he was in the courtroom. Either way, I think it’s interesting how we can see such information and quotes from a live court trial so fast. The idea of live-tweeting is amazing. We get to see news in real time instead of waiting for an article to drop. Through twitter, people have been constantly aware of Michael Dunn because he has been trending for weeks since the murder. It’s an extremely sad story, however maybe it will make people more aware that senseless murders such as these need to end.


  3. Very interesting. I’m not sure what he is trying to accomplish by apologizing over Twitter. He may regret what he did but using social media to say sorry is an awful way the express how sorry you are about murdering someone. That’s just my thoughts.


  4. The way social media engulfs us with breaking news like this is amazing. Court reporters are breaking the news before the “old school” media outlets. We are a society of needing to know now and social media provides that to us effortlessly. I often wonder how the OJ Simpson situation would have taken over Twitter.

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  5. Everyone,
    Mark brings up a good point What would the OJ trial been like with social media? It was crazy without it. It would have been a cluster (you know what) if social were around then, don’t you think?


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