Because I am from Philly I set my trending topics to display ones from around that particular area. While on twitter I saw ‘Central Philadelphia’ trending. That sparked interest because I assumed it was talking about Central the high school in Philadelphia. It turns out everyone was mocking sportscaster Al Michaels for saying that. Anyone from Philadelphia knows that downtown is called Center City….not Central Philadelpia. These were some peoples’ reactions to what Michaels said:


Clearly people are appalled and think it’s very silly that Michaels referred to Philly like that with one person even saying “Central Philadelphia does not exist.” It just shows the power of social media, and that one blunder can really mess you up. Watch what you say, and always know what you’re talking about. We no longer live in a world where you can fake it until you make it. If you come, you better come correct!

2 thoughts on “Central…..Philadelphia?

  1. I do agree on that the reporter should know the location that he or she is talking about. It is just professional and also so you do not possibly insult the people in that area. But do you believe that maybe the people should correct him in a formal and polite manner so that he knows not to make a mistake like this again?


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