An Update on Ebola

Ebola is still at large. Social media has tried to calm people down by discussing how little the chance of a large-scale outbreak is in the U.S.  Ebola is currently in three continents; Africa, North America, and Europe. Last time I discussed Ebola and social media people were making fun of it and thinking of it as not a very big. After the confirmation of a nurse in Spain having Ebola things are beginning to turn around.

Some are still making fun of Ebola and believing it is not very serious, but most have accepted the fact that this is a very serious situation. Many people are on twitter talking about how nervous they are about it, and even praying to find a cure. A man from Spain tweeted:

Tweet about hoping Ebola just goes away
Tweet about hoping Ebola just goes away

Social media is giving people insight into what’s going on with Ebola in other cultures as well as giving people an outlet to know that they are not the only one that is afraid.

One thought on “An Update on Ebola

  1. This a very serious situation that now the world has to deal with. Ebola truly is no laughing matter but maybe some people are laughing about to calm themselves down about this possible epidemic. I know on some social media pages (sorry cannot remember them) that they are calling this an epidemic that Mother Nature came up with to deal with possible over population. I do not know where people could get that information but it is not the first epidemic that this world has seen.


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