Breaking News: EBOLA

Ebola has officially reached America. Multiple online news sites, such as CNN and USA Today, sent breaking news notifications to smart phones across the country. I received the notification and was in utter shock, as were the students next to me whom I showed. On twitter many more news outlets were tweeting about it such as local news stations from Philadelphia that I follow. Even the New York Times Editor Lydia Polgreen was tweeting information to help calm citizens down. That was extremely helpful because she discussed how there is a very small chance to catch the virus as well as, how a person does catch it.

Lydia Polgreen tweets regarding Ebola Virus
Lydia Polgreen tweets regarding Ebola Virus

There were a few people trying to poking fun at the virus outbreak in the United States, but this is absolutely not a funny matter. There were some memes that used Lindsay Lohan in the movie Mean Girls because her character was from Africa.  This is an important matter. Although social media has helped to calm people down and properly inform U.S. citizens about what the deal is with Ebola, it has also made something that has killed thousands of people into somewhat of a joke. People need to realize that although it is not to be treated as an epidemic, it still is a serious issue that should be respected.

6 thoughts on “Breaking News: EBOLA

  1. Troi,
    As we’ve said before, social media gives everyone a voice. That means there are helpful voices out there providing information we can use and other voices who just want to disseminate inaccurate, hateful comments.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  2. I am really concerned about this news. From what I know of Ebola, it is a scary disease. As we stated in class, few people live from it. The people poking fun at such an epidemic are just sick people. These people are also the ones that say, “It is not happening to me, so why do I need to worry.” As a society, we all need to take care of each other everyday, not when it is just convenient.


  3. It is nice to see that social media is trying to calm people down. I always feel that the media tends to scare us. I believe that calming people down about this disease, is showing the positives of social media. I do not like (just like you do not like) how people are making fun of it. I have seen many jokes about this disease and even SNL had made a skit out of it. The fact that people are utilizing social media to make fun of something serious, is wrong. Social media should be used to help present a problem and help with a solution. In this case the problem being the anxiety that is caused by the ignorance of this disease and the solution to calm people down. It is interesting how social media is taking two sides to this disease and I hope to see more positives in the near future.


  4. I think that people think that using humor will make it less realistic or scary because they are in fact scared of the truth of this disease. Ebola is killing people all over the world, and is highly contagious. I think it makes those people seem uneducated and unemotional. Like you said, I don’t think it is something to make fun of.


    1. This is what makes social media truly powerful. Many times people need a voice of reason that they cannot find otherwise and social media can help them with that. Lydia calming these people down helps individuals as well as the country as a whole. With an issue like Ebola accurate information is key and social media can give that information.


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