Waist Crushing–I mean Training

Recently on Instagram many celebrities have been seen using and promoting Waist Trainers to shave inches off their waists. Although the results can come out to be nice this is not the safest way to be doing things. These waist trainers celebrities have been using are pretty similar to corsets that women wore in the 1700s and 1800s, and because of this many doctors are saying stay away from these things! The main celebrities donning them are Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Left: Blac Chyna Right: Kim Kardashian
Left: Blac Chyna
Right: Kim Kardashian

Now, because these women are wearing these and displaying them to millions of followers on Instagram women are really getting it into their head that this is an okay thing to do. Social media and celebrities are negatively impacting the female mind and promoting a body image that is almost deadly to obtain. It is said that these waist trainers can crush people ribs, which can then lead to crushed lungs and not enough oxygen intake. Other things to take into consideration from this are children, how do these women expect to have any more children when their body is too tiny to carry?

4 thoughts on “Waist Crushing–I mean Training

  1. Troi,
    I can’t quite figure out why women would want to put themselves through this. Haven’t we learned anything in 200 years?

    How many likes did each of these photos have on Instagram? What were some of the comments? Have you seen support for this kind of behavior on social media?



  2. One: I love how you gave a lot of negative impacts to these actions. Second: I agree with how you said that these celebrities are promoting harmful actions. Celebrities are people that we have a tendency to look up to. We think in our minds that we are not good enough, and will never look good enough. Then the celebrities great a solution to our self doubt. The ideas may be negative, but people still go along with them. This really shows a negative side to social media. People can show something that is very harmful to the body, and people go along with it. I wish that these individuals would think about the consequences that will come after they share these images. The question that I ask is, is social media controlling our lives more then we thought? I know when I see an idea on Pinterest I will try it because it seems like a good idea. Sometimes the ideas are good and sometimes they flopped. However I still tried the ideas. So it is interesting how we will try things that we see on the internet. This is especially challenging for the younger generation. The younger generation may be more vulnerable to perform negative actions because a famous celebrity promoted such actions. Your post gives a fantastic look into the negative aspects of social media, and makes us think what we should and should not post. We never know who these posts can harm, and if you have a ton of followers, (like Kim), then you are less likely to think about the consequences.


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